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EOS.Web KnowledgeBuilder classifies information that is not a good fit for a typical bibliographic record, such as legal work products or internal documents.

Classifies Unstructured Information

EOS.Web KnowledgeBuilder classifies information that is not a good fit for a typical bibliographic record, such as legal work products or internal documents. Librarians and Information Center workers can visually create unique records and fields for their custom taxonomy or classification system, making available for on-the-fly searching a database of files rich with custom metadata information. EOS.Web KnowledgeBuilder enables you to create record structures without a knowledge of database design or MARC.

Many organizations have specialized materials that do not lend themselves to traditional cataloging practices. EOS.Web KnowledgeBuilder is ideal for creating customized databases of in-house defined taxonomies for your unstructured information, even if they are not stored in the EOS relational database. Now researchers can use natural language searching to access volumes of indexed “unstructured information”. If material exists but cannot be retrieved, it becomes useless.

Special Collections

EOS.Web KnowledgeBuilder gives organizations tremendous flexibility in the type of information they are able to make available to their users, providing for the integration of special, local collections with their traditional full MARC library collection.

  • Legal briefs
  • Multimedia items
  • Research papers
  • Fabric samples
  • Art works or photography collections
  • Lab materials
  • Patents
  • Virtual items (URL collections, knowledge banks)
  • Oil well drilling samples and production data
  • Custom “unstructured information” databases

The library can determine the cataloging specifications for diverse material types including:

In addition to naming and describing its custom EOS.Web KnowledgeBuilder collections, knowledge workers can define the record structure for each collection including field names, types and lengths. You can also set data entry fields as mandatory or repeatable and determine whether fields are indexed, authority controlled, or searchable, as well as how they are displayed in the OPAC. EOS.Web KnowledgeBuilder enables you to establish unique cataloging rules to govern consistent data entry in each custom database.

EOS.Web KnowledgeBuilder records are added and updated in a central database through EOS.Web Cataloging the same way as records with standard MARC material formats. Images, audio clips, video files, URLs, and other bibliographic records may be linked to EOS.Web KnowledgeBuilder records.

When used in conjunction with EOS.Web Indexer, EOS.Web KnowledgeBuilder can also accommodate links to over 200 different types of full-text documents, as well as to scanned items. This enables users to access the organization’s previously “hidden” resources along with the library’s standard collection, using the same OPAC interface and sophisticated search capabilities of the EOS.Web thus creating a customizable Information Portal.

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